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Link Mentorship

Attention Students!

LINK Crew 2019/20 needs your help! We are looking for responsible, kind, and organized students who are leaders in the school.

LINK Crew leaders do not need to excel academically, but do need to exemplify the qualities of a good role model for others.

Eligible LINK Crew candidates are in Grades 10, 11, or returning Grade 12 students.

Joining LINK Crew gives you:



Voice Mail

Lauren Koch Ext. 469
Jill Goodreau Ext. 470
Gary Robinson Ext. 420

LINK Leaders are Senior students who play a mentorship role in helping Grade 9’s feel welcomed and become acclimated to our school. Leadership skills and school spirit are essential. Interested persons apply for this role in the Spring each year to be leaders for the coming school year.