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To contact a teacher, guidance, the main office, an administrator, or to report an absence, please phone the number below:


If you wish to contact the school via email, you may do so using the following email address:

Administration Contact Information

James Cako

Email: [email protected]
Extension: 301

Colleen Anstett

Vice-Principal – Students with surnames A-L
Email: [email protected]
Extension: 307

Ben McCabe

Vice-Principal – Students with surnames M-Z
Email: [email protected]
Extension: 308

Teacher Contact Information

To find out the extension of a particular teacher, please browse through the Staff Directory .  For email information use the teachers name i.e. [email protected]

Alumni Contact

GCVI Webmaster

If you find an error within the GCVI website such as a broken link, or a spelling error, please report it to the GCVI webmaster via the following email: