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The GCVI English Department offers courses that provide opportunities for students to explore studies in English Literature, Media, and Literacy Skills.

English Teachers

Teacher Voice Mail Website
Ms. Marna Krete (Dept. Head) Ext. 330
Ms. Karissa Lawrenson Ext. 502
Ms. Sarah Bolton Ext. 355
Ms. Michelle Westermann Ext. 472
Ms. Natalie Brown Ext. 405
Ms. Sherie Viola Ext. 466
Ms. Kelly McCullough Ext. 444
Mr. Dave Harvey Ext. 457
Mr. Byron Boniface Ext. 407
Ms. Sandy Zahnd Ext. 462
Ms. Natalie Gallant Ext. 455
Ms. Lauren Koch Ext. 469
Mr. Byron Boniface Ext. 407
Ms. Allison Kelly Ext. 439
Mr. Jamie McBurney Ext. 471
Mr. Michael Matchett Ext. 349

English Courses

Course Code Outline
Gr 9 Academic English  ENG 1D ENG1D Outline
Gr 9 Applied English  ENG 1P ENG1P Course Outline
Gr 9 IB Prepatory English  ENG 1DB ENG1DB Course Outline
Gr 10 Academic English  ENG 2D ENG2D Course Outline
Gr 10 Applied English  ENG 2P ENG2P Course Outline
Gr 10 IB Prepatory English  ENG 2DB ENG2DB Course Outline
Gr 11 College English  ENG 3C ENG3C Course Outline
Gr 11 University English  ENG 3U ENG3U Course Outline
Gr 11 Journalism (Yearbook-open level course)  IDC 3O IDC3O Outline
Gr 12 College English  ENG 4C ENG4C Course Outline
Gr 12 University English  ENG 4U ENG4U Course Outline
Gr 12 Writer’s Craft (College)  EWC 4C EWC4C Outline
Gr 12 Writer’s Craft (University)  EWC 4U EWC4U Outline
Gr 12 Interdisciplinary Studies: Reading Tutor  IDC 4UT IDC4UT Course Outline
Gr 12 Ontario Secondary School Literacy Course  OLC 4O OLC 40 Course Outline
Gr 11/12 Urban Arts Program (MADE)  ENG 3U MADE ENG3U MADE Course Outline