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Teacher Voice Mail Website
Ms. Joanne Robb (Dept. head) Ext. 329 Ms. Robb’s Website¬†
Ms. Anne Knighton Ext. 441
Ms. Ivy Holt Ext. 484
Ms. Gagan Grewal Ext. 491
Ms. Katherine Gekiere Ext. 427
Ms. Sharla Lemelin Ext. 424 Mrs. Lemelin’s Website


Course Code Outline
Gr 9 Canadian Geography (Academic) CGC 1D CGC 1D Outline
Gr 9 Canadian Geography (Applied) CGC 1P CGC 1P Outline
Gr 11 Geography-Forces of Nature (University/College Prep) CGF 3M CGF 3M Outline
Gr 11 Geography-Travel and Tourism (Open) CGG 3O CGG 3O Outline
Gr 12 Canadian and World Issues (University Prep) CGW 4U CGW 4U Outline