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Student Senate

The GCVI’s Student Senate is comprised of more than 25 dedicated students and staff. Our goal is to achieve and maintain the highest possible level of school spirit, act as a unified representative voice for the students of GCVI, assist in maintaining an exciting and positive school atmosphere as well as helping with the successful management of clubs and councils.

Senate is responsible for collecting and distributing student fees to clubs and councils within the school to help cover costs. We manage most of the school dances and run countless events and fundraisers over the year.

We were the founding school of the Guelph Secondary Student Councils Association in 2004 which is comprised of Guelph Secondary Schools and currently hold the presidency of the group. Elections are held in late May through to early June for all elected positions, however, anyone is welcome to come to a Senate meeting at anytime throughout the year or become a member at large.

Composition of Senate

Senate is composed of the following:


* = elected in a school-wide election in May ** = Non-elected member who joins Senate throughout the year *** = Elected internally ^^ = Appointed by their respective council *^ = Elected in a grade-wide vote in June

The term of Senators elected in the Spring begins on the first day of summer holidays and runs for a full year.