PIC Meeting Minutes – Oct 2023

Those present:

 Gillian Prieur, Barb White, Martha MacNeil, Jen Edwards, Deb Bush, Lisa Booth, Katherine Hauser,

Crystal-Lee Scace, Lynn Topping, Kelley Jones, Mahrukh Syed, Elain Churly, Jackie Hammond, Jenna

Squires, Jennifer Meaker, Jen Tulloch, Rapinder Kaur, Kumudine Kariyapperuma, Laura White, Mark Howe,

Paula O’Donnell, Cara ?

Welcome and introductions

Barb White made Land Acknowledgement

Barb White welcomed everyone to the meeting and individuals in attendance introduced themselves.

2.       Approval of agenda

Gillian Prieur asked for a motion to approve the agenda. Motioned by Martha MacNeil

3.       Approval of minutes

Brent will distribute September minutes and will can approve next month (November meeting) Please email contact information to Brent M. to be added to PIC distribution list

4.       Board Report

Board Report Brent M.

  • School Council annual letter will be sent out with information about the opportunity to purchase insurance again for a school council this year
  • Letter provides a lot of good advice and input and link to PIC website with lots of school council supports and resources
  • Letter also provides copy of the risk Management 101 newsletter which is great for school councils looking to run and host events
  • $500.00 will be deposited in each school councils line to support parent engagement in their school community
  • Report is due in May outlining what the money was used for
  • 10 OWLS are now available at Terry James Resource Centre for signing out
  • Device sits in middle of room to set up virtual meetings, quick and easy way to engage parents in council meetings or events
  • School Administrator can book them in advance of council meetings
  • Promoting positive interactions and respectful relationships campaign coming to all schools


  • Intent is to be mindful of language being used, all members of school community treating everyone fairly, not about avoiding disagreement but how to handle those difficult conversations
  • Schools will receive poster to be posted in school “No Excuse for Abuse”
  • Trustees yet to approve boundary reviews that are publicly posted for Central Public school and Primrose Elementary school
  • South End High School is on track to be built in next 5 to 2 years (2026)
  • Discussions for boundaries will be taking place this year by board and will also engage community and families to see what boundaries look like
  • Rickson Ridge Expansion is not yet confirmed, report available online and submission sent to Ministry for approval but no updates as of yet
  • Schools are also able to rent tables and chairs from the Board office to be used again for school events, ceremonies, etc.

5.       Guest Speaker Blayne Primeau

Student Census Report by Blayne Primeau

  • Everyone Counts Student Census – Looking at preliminary information that was put into place last year
  • Will be released publicly once context and explanation given on the results – the why and purpose behind the data collection
  • Looking for PIC Feedback
  • How do you think the design, layout and content of the report contribute to or hinder its ability to showcase the diversity at UGDSB
  • Celebrate the Diversity at Upper Grand
  • Goal of survey is to Inform Schools – provide school specific data so they can gain insight into diversity in their buildings
  • Eliminate Barriers – use data to identify and work to eliminate systematic barriers for racialized students
  • Continue Consultation – Continue ongoing consultation with Board committees, advisory groups and affinity groups on collection, reporting and analysis of data

6.       Guest Speaker Jennifer Meaker and Mark Howe

Special Education and IEP processes and supports in the Board by Jennifer Meaker Principal of Special Education and Mark Howe, Special Education Consultant

  • Reviewed Individual Education Plans – a written plan describing special education that student needs to achieve success in school year
  • The plan can include accommodations, modifications or alternative programs that can help students with their learning goals
  • Parents and caregivers are crucial in the IEP process – can help and contribute to school in understanding your child’s personality, development and learning preferences
  • Parents and caregivers encouraged to work with school to ensure success of child, information you contribute is essential in helping the school and understand your child’s personality, development, learning and preferences
  • IEP supports child’s learning by keeping communication open and ongoing between parent and school, consistency and continuity for child, appropriate and attainable goals are set for child, helps build confidence in child, helps teacher to understand child’s interest, strengths and needs
  • Put in context their strengths as well not just areas of weakness
  • Universal Design for Learning (UDL) – the idea that various supports provided to meet the need of some students will benefit all students
  • Variety of learning supports, graphic organizers, as part of instructional plan for all students available as support in class
  • Support documents available on Board website to help parents and caregivers


  • Special Education Resource Teacher also in every high school that parents can contact with questions

7.       Trustee Report

Martha MacNeil shared information


Self-Identification and Education

  • Currently have 4 policies until Dec. 8th that are out for consultations
  • Currently there is a vacancy on Trustee Board for Orangeville Trustee
  • Information will be sent out to parents with more details regarding role
  • Application open today until November 19th
  • Information session on Tuesday November 14th at Grant Evans Education Centre regarding role of Trustee

8.    Chairs’ Report

Barb and Gillian lead discussion

  • Executive Positions for Board
    • Dufferin Representative: Gillian Prieur, Elaine Churly
    • North Wellington: Lisa Booth, Paula O’Donnell
    • Guelph: Mahrukh Syed, Rupinder Kaur
    • PIC Co-chairs: Barb White and Gillian Prieur
    • Treasurer: Deb Bush
    • Secretary(s): Mahrukh Syed

PIC Event – successful event, good event, excellent discussion

  • -Were able to identify and found a good format that works well
  • Good way for parents to feel connected and get questions answered and to give insight and input into making our school councils a great place to be
  • Facilitators were able to take some great feedback
  • Next time need to see if possible to have recorded – transcription or recording for parents that were not able to attend
  • Opportunity for growth
  • One idea was create a shared document with all the attendees, and any notes that were taken for each focus group, the attendees could add notes
  • a chance to get feedback from all attendees

9.       Questions, New Business and Final Remarks

The next meeting will be on Monday November 20th, 2023 at 7:00 PM

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