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Student Services

Services for students at Westside

Our goal is to supply tools and strategies which respond to the personal, social, educational, and career needs of students. A variety of programs and services are available to students and their parents. Students need to assume responsibility for the development of their educational program.

Student Services (Guidance and Special Education)

Guidance and career education plays a central role in Secondary School by preparing students for a complex and changing world. We encourage students to:

To help students achieve these goals, services are provided for our students throughout their high school years. Students and parents are encouraged to contact us if assistance is required for course selections, career planning, post-secondary education, or personal issues. Special Education resource staff are available for student self referrals. Students who require accommodations or modifications (i.e., more time, less distracting environment) to help their academic success are encouraged to use our area.

Professional Services @ Westside

Contact with any of the following services can be made in Student Services.

Counselling and Attendance

Professional counselling is available to help students with serious social issues. Referals can be made through Student Services or an Administrator.

Addictions Therapist

The misuse of drugs, alcohol, tobacco and gambling are issues that can be referred to a therapist with CADS. {Community Alcohol and Drug Services). Services include counseling, education and health promotion.


Our school library provides a variety of resources for research, independent study and leisure reading. Print and non-print materials, including reference items, magazines, newspapers and educational videos and CDs are available for use by students and staff. Library computers have internet access and word processing programs to support students in their class assignments