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Alumni on Staff

Alumni on Staff at G.C.V.I.
We have a number of Alumni who have been on staff at GCVI. They are teachers, support staff and resource people for our school. Many of these are **current staff members. Some have moved on and some have retired:
Lindsay (Campbell) Ackroyd – Reid Ring Winner, 2002

In June of 2003 my time as a student at G.C.V.I. had officially ended. After spending 5 years at the school and graduating with the last official Grade 13 class I was ready to move on to the next page of my life, and say good-bye to G.C.V.I. Little did I know that only 5 short years later I would be returning to G.C.V.I. for an entirely new adventure. My 5 years spent at G.C.V.I. was filled with my studies and extra curricular activities. I kept myself busy with Student Senate, various sports teams, and various school committees and found some life changing mentors along the way.

After speaking with some of my teacher mentors and discussing my future career aspirations I left G.C.V.I. and attended the University of Windsor in hopes of some day becoming a Health and Physical Education teacher. I completed my BHK in June of 2007 and then obtained my Bachelor of Education in June 2008. In 5 years my life had changed drastically. While running on the track and field team at the University of Windsor, I met my future husband who was also an educated teacher.

Our next step was to move closer to home in search of jobs in the teaching field. In June of 2008 a job posting at my old high school led me back to G.C.V.I. to hand in my resume. As I entered the school it didn’t feel like 5 years had past. A few short days later I was called in for an interview. For the very first time I was sitting in the Principal’s office and feeling very nervous! Thankfully the interview went well and I was offered the job in the Phys. Ed. Department for the year. Teaching at G.C.V.I. has truly been a great experience. I have had the opportunity to learn from so many great educators and have been reunited with some past mentors.

Glen McMillan – Durrant Cane Winner, 1996

I attended G.C.V.I. from 1992 to 1997 and was active in Student Senate and many music ensembles. I was playing in the band at Commencement in November,1996, and I was surprised to learn that I had been selected to receive the Durrant Cane. During my time at G.C.V.I., I decided that I wanted to become a teacher, so from 1997 to 2002, I worked toward my Bachelor of Mathematics degree in the Math Teaching Option at the University of Waterloo and my Bachelor of Education degree at Queen’s University.

In the summer of 2002, I married Theresa (Phair), and five days later we flew to Aklavik, Northwest Territories to begin our marriage and our teaching careers.

Teaching in a remote K-12 school with 170 students was very different from my experiences as a student at G.C.V.I.; however, it was through these early challenges that I learned and grew so much, both personally and professionally. I left with a greater understanding of the rewards and challenges of living and teaching in northern Canada.

As luck would have it, at the end of our two years in the north, a position in the mathematics department at G.C.V.I. was advertised and I applied immediately. After a phone interview with Judy Sorbara, I found out that I would be returning to G.C.V.I.!

I hope to stay for a very long time. The things that made our school great during my time as a student are still present during my time as a teacher.

Since my return to G.C.V.I., it has been my honour to present the Durrant Cane at Commencement on three occasions, and recognize these deserving gentlemen for the leadership, scholarship, and participation they have demonstrated at our school.