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Events and Projects

The Alumni Association has made many presentations to the school. We have raised funds for projects such as the school piano, the principal portraits, the Coat of Arms and more.  All of these are made possible by the generous donations from Alumni, from our three very successful school reunions in 1994, 2004 and 2014, as well as from donations collected at class reunions.

This is How to Donate.  If you are interested in making a donation for any ongoing projects, please fill out the Contribution Form  and mail it to the address noted on the form.

These are the ongoing projects and awards that we continue to support: 

1. Reconstruction Of The Old School Bell 

This bell needs to be incorporated into the existing GCVI auditorium to be functional for very special occasions. The bell is the last remaining symbol of the 1879 school building.

2. Preservation And Upkeep Of The GCVI School Archives   

The GCVI school  Archives have been established at the school.  The Archives is in the P.G. Reid Library Learning Commons. We are in need of funds for the preservation and upkeep for the cataloguing and maintenance of the growing collection.

3. Scholarships/Awards

The Alumni would like to provide scholarships for GCVI that would be presented at the annual Commencement ceremonies. Please specify which scholarship or award you are sponsoring.