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Family Studies

Family Studies

Food and Nutrition HFN1O (OPEN)

Grade 9-  Students will practice basic cooking skills and participate in a variety of cooking labs that they get to eat.  They learn about food related topics such as food safety, why we eat, Canadian and cultural foods, and nutrition.  Students will test their skills in a final meal at home project for the family to enjoy!


Raising Healthy Children HPC3O (OPEN)

Grade 11-  If you are planning to work with young children or be a parent someday, this is an important course for you.  This course focuses on the knowledge and skills a parent will require to raise a healthy child from birth to age 6.  Major topics include financial preparedness, healthy pregnancy, and baby and child development.  Authentic learning tasks include caring for a robotic baby, and working with young children at a school or centre within the community.


Housing and Home Design HLS3O (OPEN)

Grade 11-  Students explore the issues related to the housing industry.  A major focus of the course is on the design aspect of interior spaces.  Students use and develop skills to design and decorate a variety of spaces.

Home Design

Families in Canada HHSU/C (University/College)

Grade 12-  Students focus on issues and challenges facing individuals and families in Canada today.  They investigate individuals as emerging adults, intimate relationships, and parent-child relationships in a diverse Canadian society.  This course is for students heading to College or University.

Prerequisite:  Any university, college, or university/college preparation course in social sciences and humanities, English, or Canadian and World Studies.


Understanding Fashion HNC3O (OPEN)

Grade 11-  Students are introduced to machine sewing and given the opportunity to construct garments from store-bought patterns.   They will be introduced to the industry of fashion by looking into how to design clothing, the elements and principles of fashion and what influences their fashion choices.   Students are encouraged to take grade 11 before continuing onto the grade 12 course.



Personal Life Management HIP4O (Open)

Grade 12 –   This grade 12 course focuses on preparing students for living independently and working successfully with others.  Students will learn to manage their personal resources to meet their basic needs for food, clothing, and housing. They will also learn about their personal, legal, and financial responsibilities.


The World of Fashion HNB4M  (College/University)

Grade 12-   The grade 12 Fashion course allows students to build on the practical sewing skills learned in grade 11. They will learn new techniques such as installing pockets and zippers, creating blind hems, and sewing with knit fabrics.  They will also be exploring the industry of fashion, learning about careers, textile arts, media influences and ethical fashion.