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 Why take Geography?

Geography is an important area of study to understand the world, its processes and patterns, and major issues.  Many employers today are looking for people with knowledge of the larger world system and with the transferable geotechnology skills learned in this subject.  Students who take geography develop critical thinking skills, research skills, communication skills,  and learn to appreciate the Earth’s systems and resources.  We have also participated in several trips to Europe in the past.

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CDDHS Geography Pathways

Course Descriptions

CGC1D/1P- This course deals with major issues within Canadian geography involving the interrelationships between human and natural systems.  Students will explore geographic mapping skills, physical diversity, debates surrounding resources (like the Alberta oil sands), population patterns, environmental issues in Canada, and population and cultural studies.

CGF3M- Have you ever wondered why a volcano erupted or a tornado formed?  This course is all about how the earth works, and the disasters that cause major devastation around the world.  You can also learn how to predict no bus days at CDDHS.  Major topic areas are earth in space, the lithosphere, the hydrosphere and the atmosphere.

CGG3O-  Do you have wanderlust (the desire to travel around the world)?  This course is all about travel to some of the world’s most interesting tourist destinations. Within the classroom, students will explore unique physical and cultural travel regions, help plan and participate in a school trip.

CGW4U-  This course is a mix of geography and politics, know as “geopolitics”.  It examines some of the most important and interesting problems in the world today, from population, to global warming, to terrorism. Major units of study are globalization, population issues, economic and food security in the world, environmental issues, and world conflicts.

CGR4M-  Do you care about the environment?  This course looks at the most important environmental issues occurring today.  This course also explores ways of developing a more sustainable relationship with the environment and students will learn how to lessen their ecological footprint.

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2017-2018 Geography Courses

Course Code

Course Name

Course Level

CGC1D Issues in Canadian Geography Academic
CGC1P Issues in Canadian Geography Applied
CGC1PG Issues in Canadian Geography Applied
CGF3M Forces of Nature Physical Processes & Disasters College/University
CGG3o Travel and Tourism:  A Geographic Perspective Open
CGR4E Living in a Sustainable World Workplace
CGR4M The Environment and Resource Management College/University
CGW4U World Issues:  A Geographic Analysis University