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Welcome to The Technology Department.  CDDHS offers many technology courses in a variety of areas.  To discover more about a certain Technology area please visit the webpage offered for the various subject areas.  Technology courses can be taken along with SHSM, Dual credit and OYAP.   For more information about these programs please visit the links below:

Dual Credit

Specialist High Skills Major


Technology Subject Areas


Technology Courses

Course Code

Course Name

Course Level

*TAS1O1 Technology and The Skilled Trades Open
*TAS2O1 Technology and the Skilled Trades Open
TCJ2O1 Construction Technology and the Skilled Trades  Open
TCJ2OX Construction Technology: Female Students  Open to all female students
TEJ2O1 Computer Technology  Open
TFJ2O1 Hospitality and Tourism Technologies: Baking  Open
TGJ2O1 Communication Technology  Open
TTJ2O1 Transportation Technology  Open
TCJ3C1 Construction Engineering Technology  College
TCJ3E1 Construction Technology  Workplace
TEJ3E1 Computer Technology  Workplace
TEJ3M1 Computer Engineering Technology  College/University
TFJ3C1 Hospitality and Tourism  College
TFJ3E1 Hospitality and Tourism  Workplace
TGJ3M1 Communication Technology  College/University
TGJ3O1 Communication Technology: Broadcast and Print  Open
TMJ3C1 Manufacturing Technology  College
TMJ3E1 Manufacturing Technology: Welding  Workplace
TTJ3C1 Transportation Technology  College
TTJ3O1 Transportation Technology: Vehicle Ownership  Open
TWJ3E1 Custom Woodworking  Workplace
 TCJ4C1  Construction Engineering Technology  College
TCJ4E1 Construction Engineering Technology  Workplace