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Humanities and Law


Course Descriptions

HSP3U/C–  Do you wonder why you are the way you are? Introduction to anthropology, psychology, and sociology is a course that examines the most interesting aspects of people and their behavior.  Major areas of study include the nature-nurture debate, abnormal psychology including the study of psychopaths, social institutions like marriage and the education system, and why we join groups, like teams and cults.  This course will also teach you important research and writing skills, communication skills,  and how to design and analyze survey results.

HSB4U- Society and Challenge and Change is a continuation of the Grade 11 Introduction to Anthropology, Psychology and Sociology.  Students will continue to use Social Science skills such as surveys, interviews and experiments.  The fields of Anthropology, Psychology and Sociology are used to examine current events and trends.  Former students have commented that this course was great preparation for first year university.  Possible field trips- ROM

Course Code Course Name Level Prerequisite
HSP3C Introduction to Anthropology, Psychology & Sociology College None
HSP3U Introduction to Anthropology, Psychology & Sociology University Grade 10 Academic English or History
HSB4U Challenge and Change in Society University Any university or university/college preparation course in Social Sciences and Humanities, English, or Canadian and World Studies


Course Descriptions

CLU3M/3E – Intro to Canadian Law

CLN4C – Legal Studies

Course Code Course Name Level Prerequisite
CLU3M Understanding Canadian Law University/College Grade 10 Canadian History since World War I, Academic or Applied
CLU3E Understanding Canadian Law in Everyday Life Workplace
CLN4C Legal Studies College Grade 10 Civics & Citizenship