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GAP Year & Study/Travel Aborad

Thinking about going to school in the USA?

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Check out PREPSKILLS! PREPSKILLS® is the premier SAT preparation provider in Canada for students seeking admission to private or independent schools as well as U.S. colleges and universities, while also helping families navigate the admissions process. Click here to visit their website. 

Study & Go Abroad Fair – Virtual Workshops

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The Study & Go Abroad Fair is held each year at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.  Admission is free.

Thinking about taking a year off to travel or explore possibilities?

 Check out the organizations below:

Can Gap

A registered non-profit organization with a mission to support young people.


Discover Year

A one year career and life skills program that helps young adults


HI Canada

Hostelling International Canada is part of the world’s largest hostel network made up of 3,300 hostels in 64 countries

League of Innovators

National Canadian charity that empowers young people to be their own bosses in life and career.

My Gap Year

Provides quality opportunities for growth to young adults in Canada.




RBC Future Launch

Focuses on 4 opportunities to help youth: get work experience, grow their network, gain new skills & enhance their mental well-being. 


Operation Groundswell

Immersive experiences from around the world




Outward Bound Canada

A registered charity that offers social emotional education through experiential adventures in the outdoors.



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MEI offers Ministry-accredited courses that are accredited by the Upper Grand District School Board. These course credits will appear on students’ academic records and can be used for university entrance. Their academic advisors work with students’ home schools to ensure that courses meet their curriculum standards and that students are well prepared when applying to universities around the world.  MEI offers many term and summer programs. Visit for more information. 


French Language Enrichment Opportunities is a database of resources to enhance the curriculum and inspire students to learn French in an interactive and engaging way. can help you explore post-secondary education options and future careers in FSL.

The Official Languages Program is a trusted and respected Canadian program to learn French.

Click HERE for a variety of french enrichment opportunities, including exchange programs, summer programs, travel & learn programs and other trip opportunities. 

International Experience Canada

Thinking about working and traveling abroad? If you are a Canadian Citizen between 18 and 35, International Experience Canada can help you get a work permit (sometimes called a work visa).  Choose from over 30 countries and territories and:

Visit: http://CANADA.CA/IEC

Student Volunteer, Employment, Credit & Exchange Programs

*CDDHS does not endorse any particular exchange/volunteer program. They are simply advertised as a resource for parents/students.

Credit or Employment Programs


Blyth Academy
  •  Study abroad – March Break & summer program


Class Afloat
  • Earn credits while sailing to various destinations
Edu Travel
  • Earn high school credits in summer or March Break
  • Various locations around the world
Georgia Hardy Tours
  • Students 15 – 19
  • High school credit courses in Europe


Global Journeys
  • Summer high school credit courses and March Break programs


Neuchatel Junior College
  • Opportunity to study Canadian curriculum abroad (Grade 12 & Gap Year students)
Ontario Ranger
  • Must be 17 by December 31 but not 18
  • Summer employment


Volunteer or Exchange Programs



AFS Interculture Canada

  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Exchange & study abroad programs
  • Host family programs

Animal Experience International

  • Choose a destination & animal to help

ASSE Student Exchange Program

  • Various locations around the world

International Student Exchange Ontario

  • 9 & 12 week exchanges
  • Summer program

Katimavik National Experience

  • Fully immersive 5 month program where young adults share a katimavik house while living in a community

Kaya Responsible Travel

  • Voluteer abroad, intern abroad, GAP year

Lattitude Global Volunteering


  • For people aged 17 – 25
  • 4 – 12 months
  • Organizations in over 20 countries


Live Different

  • Canadian programming, humanitarian builds and community projects

Projects Abroad

  • For people aged 16 – 75
  • International Volunteer

Volunteer Abroad

  • For students aged 16 – 19
  • 2 weeks, July and August


  • International student exchange


YMCA Summer Work Student Exchange

  • Summer work student exchange
  • Students aged 16 – 19
  • French immersion in Canada


Youth International

  • Experiential learning program