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Special Education

The Special Education Department at Centre Dufferin is focused on assisting students who have an Individual Education Plan (IEP) to reach their full academic and personal potential while in high school. Students will learn to advocate for their individual needs and develop their independence.


The Coalition for Persons with Disabilities support students with self-disclosed disabilities. We offer free education, employment, and training opportunities to help youth gain meaningful employment. We provide support through career counselling, job readiness training, disability related support funding, skill certification, and more.

Please contact [email protected] or call 1-866-969-9734 to schedule an intake. 

More Raised Hands

Learning Skills Program (Specialized Placement)

Programming Transition Planning School & Community Involvement
Literacy and Numeracy High School Breakfast Club
Life Skills College Popcorn Fridays
Exploring the World of Work Workplace Special Olympics
Community Opportunities Environmental Initiatives

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Support accommodations on IEP Lunchtime/before & after school Transition planning
Technology such as Read & Write Social time High School
Extra time Computer access Post-Secondary
Quiet setting Games Workplace
Academic support/enrichment

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Important Dates (Timeline) Semester 1
September October November December January
*Rm 59 orientation

*SEA distribution

*IEP planning and update

*interim report follow-up

*IEPs mailed home

*midterm report follow up *math EQAO planning with students *exam planning with students
Important Dates (Timeline) Semester 2
February March April May June
 *IEP updates

 *course selection       support

 *OSSLT test  preparation

 *IEPs mailed home

 *interim report follow up


 *midterm report  follow up

*Learning Skills transition planning

 *IPRC’s *exam planning with students

*SEA collection