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Athletic Council Matt Barlow Athletic Council organizes sporting events at lunch for students, as well as larger sporting events during the school year.
Black Chapter Trinna Thompson/Geer Harvey It is our mission to promote a strong sense of community and pride among all shades of Black-Identified students at Centre Dufferin District High School.  The Black Chapter is committed to providing a safe environment for these students which includes, promoting self-love.  The council is responsible for creating a supportive culture that fosters leadership amongst its members, through education, personal development and creating a positive school culture.  We operate under the vision of promoting Black experiences and empowering Black student voices, socially and politically as we look to form a web of connectivity across the Upper Grand District School Board.
Breakfast Club Emily Darling/Amanda Storey Breakfast Club provides students with breakfast every morning from 8:30 to 8:45
Environmental Club Shelby Issac, Leah Pressey The Environmental Club discusses current issues with the environment and how we as a school community can be a part of making a change.
Gay Straight Alliance Rebecca Rose GSA is a safe space for LGBTQ kids and their allies to meet like-minded people, discuss current issues and learn about different events, movement and opportunities.
Grad Committee Crystal Heaslip/Lori Wilson Grad Committee plans and organizes the prom (select venue, menu, theme, sell tickets etc.). Grad Committee also hold fundraisers to offset costs of the event to enhance the evening with decorations, photo booth, DJ etc. Geer Harvey/Julie Senese This is a student led mental health advocacy group.  They plan and support activities for the student body around optimizing our individual and collective mental health.
Social Equity Rebecca Rose Social Equity is a student group whose goal is to promote cultural and sexual diversity as well as positive mental health images within the school population.
One Voice, One Team  Jane Goldbold One Voice, One Team connects students with leadership opportunities in the community.
Student Council  Matt Rush/Amanda Storey/Julie Senese Student Council organizes school activities, and community events.
Yearbook Committee Sue Trowell The Yearbook Committee helps to plan the yearbook and take photos of school events for the yearbook.