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What is an Apprenticeship?

Interested in Learning More About the Apprenticeship Pathway?

Grade 9-12 students are invited to join the Apprenticeship Google Classroom to connect with information & resources.

Apprenticeship 101 Google Classroom Flyer

Find Your Trade!

Click HERE to see how Ontario’s colleges can help you start a rewarding career in skilled trades & technology.


Check out the Skills Ontario website for various competitions, workshops and events. There are a number of young women’s initiatives for female students interested in the Skilled Trades.

Did you know there are approximately 150 skilled trades in Ontario?

Explore the list of skilled trades in Ontario.


The Role of College

Confusion sometimes exists regarding the role of college when students are hoping to begin an apprenticeship. Please read the document below for an outline of when college makes sense and when it may not, in the pursuit of an apprenticeship.

Is College needed to pursue an apprenticeship?

Steps to an Apprenticeship 

A valuable guide for both students, youth, educators and parents,‘s Steps to an Apprenticeship is a detailed guide, tailored specifically for those looking to enter the skilled trades. Starting at the very beginning, this guide serves as a step-by-step walk through for the process of becoming an apprentice. Containing helpful exercises and a wealth of useful internet links, this resource should not be missed. (Source:

Steps To An Apprenticeship

How to Begin an Apprenticeship

Click HERE to find out how you qualify & apply to be an apprentice in a skilled trade. 

Financial Supports for Apprenticeships ($)

Click HERE to learn about provincial & federal financial supports for Apprentices.


You can explore various apprenticeships on My Blueprint.  Select the My Blueprint icon once you are signed into UGCLOUD. Click on “Post-Secondary” then “Apprenticeship.”  Find information on various apprenticeships and read the Apprenticeship Guide for Ontario Students.

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