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Scholarships & Financial Aid

Did you know the cost of post-secondary is what students perceive to be the biggest barrier to pursuing post-secondary education? (UGDSB Student Survey)

There is financial help available…

Scholarships & Bursaries for Eligible Students

Click the icon below to access a list of local, provincial & national scholarships & bursaries that students can apply for if eligible. Note: This is not an exhaustive list. There are many other scholarships & bursaries available to apply for. 


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Other Scholarship Tips

*Please make an appointment with a guidance counsellor to discuss scholarships/bursaries in more detail.

Did you know that Centre Dufferin receives a copy of “The Scholarship Report”?

The Scholarship Report is an online newsletter for high school guidance counsellors and students. It features current national and provincial scholarship listings as well as helpful tips in the search for all forms of postsecondary funding. Information on University/College Open Houses, application deadlines and fees, the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) and other material pertinent to the graduating high school student is also provided. Check Grade 12 Google Classroom for the most recent copy of The Scholarship Report.

Did you know that colleges and universities have Financial Aid Offices?

Click HERE for a list of financial aid offices for colleges & universities. 

All colleges and universities have their own scholarships, bursaries and grants, some program specific and some not. Visit the colleges’ and universities’ websites to see what each has to offer.

There are two kinds of support: 1) Entrance – which students apply for (or are automatically considered for) as a high school student entering post-secondary  2) In-course – which students apply for once enrolled in and attending the school. There are many large in-course scholarships and bursaries so students should continue to seek information on these from the Financial Aid Office at their post-secondary institution.

Would you like to know more about Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP)?

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Click HERE to visit the OSAP website. 

Useful Websites:

Ontario Universities – University Entrance Scholarships & Bursaries

Ontario Colleges – Paying for College

Scholarship Tips – 


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