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Code of Behaviour

At CDDHS staff and students are expected to work together to maintain the good reputation of the school in the community.

By giving everyone the opportunity to take responsibility, develop self-worth and prepare for the future we will truly be “Partners Learning Together Creating Successful Tomorrows”.

All members of the CDDHS community are responsible for creating an inviting, safe, orderly school environment where everyone is treated fairly and can learn, grow and achieve success.

Centre Dufferin is a community dedicated to learning. All expectations, rules, policies and procedures must support this central purpose.  Plagiarism includes the use of images, quotes, ideas from an outside source without giving proper credit (endnotes/footnotes/bibliography).  Consequences may include resubmission of work, loss of marks and/or suspension.


We believe that regular attendance and punctuality are required for academic success, and that both are desirable work habits.  The Education Act R.O. 1990, Reg. 298, s.23 (1) states:

  1. (1) A pupil shall:

Students arriving late to school (during any period) for a legitimate reason (appointment, etc.) should report to the main office for an admit slip.  Students arriving late to class for a non-legitimate reason should report directly to class.  Upon late arrival the student should quietly enter the class and fill in a form or late log to record their reason for being late.  At the teacher’s discretion the late should be discussed at an appropriate time during the class.  Students with chronic lateness can expect consequences from teachers and/or administrators.

Centre Dufferin is a smoke and vape free environment. Smoking or vaping is not permitted anywhere on school property. As well, please respect the privacy of our neighbour’s property.

Staff and student conduct is based on mutual respect and consideration. Violent behaviour (physical, verbal, sexual, or psychological abuse or bullying), illegal acts, harassment or discrimination on the basis of race, culture, religion, gender, language, disability, or sexual orientation are not tolerated at Centre Dufferin. The SAFE SCHOOLS ACT & THE UGDSB CODE OF CONDUCT clearly describe what is meant by violent behaviour and spells out the consequences of such behaviour. As well, any behaviour punishable by law will be addressed by school authorities and the police. Possession or use of alcohol or illegal drugs is not tolerated. It is understood that school conduct includes all school activities (clubs, dances, school bus transportation or any extracurricular activity).  School is a public place. Displays of affection should not be excessive nor offend others.

All school property (including lockers) and the private property of students and staff are treated with care and respect at Centre Dufferin. Neighbour’s property is private and should be treated as such.


Visitors who are guest speakers, volunteers, and community members who contribute to the learning environment are welcomed, and must report to the office and sign in on arrival.  Visitors to the school are expected to behave according to our Code of Behaviour and the UGDSB Code of Conduct. Additionally, CDDHS students are expected to respect our locked door policy which requires all visitors or late-arriving students to use the front doors.

Lockers are loaned to students but remain at all times the property of the school and accessible to the school. Use a Dudley combination lock (sold in the office for $5.00). Locks purchased elsewhere are cut at the owner’s expense if the locker must be opened by the school and the student is not easily available. Students are accountable for the condition, contents and repair of the locker loaned to them. Lockers are not absolutely secure. Valuables should not be brought to school or placed in lockers. Students are responsible for the contents of their lockers. All Lockers must be locked at all times.  Lockers are assigned by the school.

Dress is a form of expressing individuality, however, staff and students at Centre Dufferin must dress in a manner which neither offends nor distracts others because of immodesty or offensive logos or language.

Appropriate dress is defined as student attire that is free of symbols of hate and/or gang membership, of images that portray violence, death, abuse, alcohol, cigarettes, drugs and/or racism, obscene words and/or political or sexual statements.  Students dressed inappropriately as deemed by the administration may be required to change into attire provided by the school.


Students with cell phones, laptops and/or other personal electronic devices in classes can disrupt their own learning and the learning of others.  Therefore, these devices are only to be used for learning purposes at the discretion of the teacher.  Additionally, collection or confiscation of cell phones is at the teacher’s discretion, and may be turned over to the administration if the problem is reoccurring.

At CDDHS it is expected that students will respect the learning environment that is determined by their teachers.  It is also clear that ICT devices are expensive and valuable items.  As such, students are responsible for the care, maintenance and security of their personal devices.  No personal ICT devices should be left unattended.  It is recommended that all personal ICT devices be safely secured in lockers.

Dances are organized for the enjoyment of CDDHS Students. If you wish to bring an outside guest, you must:

Acceptable school behaviour is expected, including the honouring of conduct stated above re:  appropriate dress and use of substances prior to arriving.  Grinding is not permitted.


There are universal attributes that schools and communities value. Character development is the deliberate effort to nurture these attributes and use them as a standard against which we hold ourselves accountable. They are key aspects of school life. They bind us together and form the basis of responsible citizenship.  They are a foundation for excellence and equity in education and for school communities that are respectful, safe, caring and inclusive. At CDDHS we value:


Fairness               Responsibility                    Honesty                               Co-operation


Respect                Compassion                       Friendliness                        Perseverance


CDDHS is a learning institution that is dedicated to equal opportunities for all students.  Discrimination of any type and for any reason is taken very seriously and will be met with the most serious on consequences.  Centre Dufferin is proud to support the entire student community and students of every race, religion and sexual orientation.


Bullying can occur in a variety of forms, ALL of which are forbidden in and around the school community.  Bullying can consist of (but is not limited to) physical bullying or violence, threats, and/or intimidation.  Social bullying including spreading rumours and exclusion as well as cyber-bullying via text and on social media sites is also prohibited in and around the school community.