Staff Directory

School Contacts

Address: 150 Fourth Ave, Shelburne, Ontario, L9V 3R5
Telephone: 519-925-3834
Fax: 519-925-3553
Email: [email protected]
Principal: Damon Ealey
Vice-Principals: Stacey-Ann Dunkley and Lela McKee

Office Staff

Office Coordinator L. Champ Extension 202
Administrative Assistant to the Vice Principal & Guidance L. Watts Extension 300
Administrative Assistant M. Mohandass Extension 200
Administrative Assistant L. Semos Extension 208
Library Technician A. Nunes Extension 260


First Name Last Name Role Email 1 Email 2 Extension
Adrian Brown Science 540
Amber Coates-Worthington EA/SPA Approved SLTO
Anneliese Greenlees English
Alastair McGillivray Cooperative Education, English, Mathematics 545
Amanda McKibbon Ed Asst - Special Education
Amber Norris Technological Education 521
Anna Nunes Library Tech - Secondary
Amy Reinders Canadian and World Studies
Amanda Storey Head/Lead, English, Guidance and Career Education, Health and Physical Education, Interdisciplinary Studies 504
Bryan Tansley Staff Caretaker-Secondary
Celina Kingshott Mathematics, Social Sciences and Humanities
Crystal-Lynne McGarr Science, Sec Special Ed Resource, Teacher 525
Calum Powers Canadian and World Studies
Cole Rooney English
Curtis Symons English 549
Drew Barfoot Canadian and World Studies, French as a Second Language
Damon Ealey Principal
Devin Hentsch Alternative Courses (non-credit) 501
Doug Steele Computer Studies, Mathematics 523
Deborah Walks Mathematics, Sec Special Ed Resource, Teacher
Emily Darling Head/Lead, Arts
Emma Norris Alternative Courses (non-credit), Health and Physical Education
Eric Zeidler Canadian and World Studies, Social Sciences and Humanities 541
Gabby Acquah English, English
Hayley Lane Ed Asst - Special Education
Heidi Van Der Wal Cooperative Education 543
Jeanine Chita Staff Caretaker-Secondary
Jannah Copeland Head/Lead, Sec Special Ed Resource 517
Jennifer Languay English
Jay Lee Spec Pgm Asst - Chef
John Mann Canadian and World Studies, Science
Jennifer Matthews Alternative Courses (non-credit) 312
Jessica Morris Head/Lead, Arts, English, Teacher Guidance
Jennifer Perryman Head/Lead, Science 286
Judy Scace Kitchen Helper
Julie Senese Head/Lead, Teacher Guidance 304
Jeff Wellman Dev Delayed, Science, Sec Special Ed Resource, Teacher 556
Kelly Blackstock Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities 548
Kristen Henry Head/Lead, Health and Physical Education 534
Karen Irwin Head/Lead, Business Studies, Cooperative Education
Lynda Belrose Ed Asst - Special Education 524
Lisa Benham Head Caretaker-Secondary 400
Lori Champ Office Co-ordinator Secondary 202
Lela McKee Vice Principal 316
Lora Mills Staff Caretaker-Secondary
Laura Ongarato French as a Second Language, Guidance and Career Education
Lolita Semos Admin Office Ass't Secondary
Leanna Uccello Arts
Lisa Watts Admin Ass't Vice Principal 300
Matthew Barlow Head/Lead, Health and Physical Education 519
Melissa Cunningham Ed Asst - Special Education
Monica Keller Head/Lead, Arts, English 566
Matthew Leggett Mathematics 546
Melissa Matthews Alternative Courses (non-credit)
Michelle McFadden Science, Sec Special Ed Resource, Teacher
Manvinder Mohandass Admin Office Ass't Secondary 200
Mo Shoraka Mathematics
Megan Yake Learning Support Secondary
Niall Caravello Technological Education
Nina Murray Head/Lead, Social Sciences and Humanities 559
Nancy Orford Canadian and World Studies, Social Sciences and Humanities
Peter Jensen Head/Lead, Technological Education 229
Patrick Kings Health and Physical Education, Teacher Guidance 275
Patricia Thompson Shift Supervisor-Secondary
Ryan Bolger Technological Education
Rebecca Chee Mathematics
Rachel Lorenz Ed Asst - Special Education
Ryco Paris Staff Caretaker-Secondary
Shaheed Abraham-Doman Science
Sanja Culina Head/Lead, High Skills Major, Teacher 251
Stacey-Ann Dunkley Vice Principal
Shelby Isaac Learning Support Secondary, Sec Special Ed Resource, Teacher 568
Stanley Karabela Health and Physical Education 542
Stevan Latinovic Cooperative Education
Savanna Maxwell Head/Lead, Mathematics
Samantha Mikulik Science
Shannon Rankin Canadian and World Studies, Social Sciences and Humanities 538
Sydney Watkins Ed Asst - Special Education
Trevor Cochrane Alternative Courses (non-credit), Arts, Technological Education
Tara DeBrouwer Head/Lead, Librarian 511
Timothy Koechl Technological Education 575
Ty Mikulik Guidance and Career Education
Tanja Oomen Arts, English 325
Tracy-Ann Spencer Business Studies
Timothy Ursu Ed Asst - Special Education 554
Yachika Sharma English