Staff Directory

School Contacts

Address: 150 Fourth Ave, Shelburne, Ontario, L9V 3R5
Telephone: 519-925-3834
Fax: 519-925-3553
Email: [email protected]
Principal: Damon Ealey
Vice-Principals: Stacey-Ann Dunkley and Lela McKee

Office Staff

Office Coordinator L. Champ Extension 202
Administrative Assistant to the Vice Principal & Guidance L. Watts Extension 300
Administrative Assistant M. Mohandass Extension 200
Administrative Assistant L. Semos Extension 208
Library Technician A. Nunes Extension 260


First Name Last Name Role Email 1 Email 2 Extension
Audrey Bricker Staff Caretaker-Secondary
Adrian Brown Science 540
Anneliese Greenlees English
Amanda Kirk Shift Supervisor-Secondary
Alexandra Mannion Canadian and World Studies, English
Alastair McGillivray Cooperative Education, English, Mathematics 545
Amanda McKibbon Ed Asst - Special Education
Amber Norris Social Sciences and Humanities, Technological Education 521
Anna Nunes Library Tech - Secondary
Amy Reinders Canadian and World Studies
Amanda Storey Head/Lead, Business Studies, Canadian and World Studies, English 504
Ashley Sukhdeo French as a Second Language
Alexander Watchurst Science, Technological Education
Bryan Tansley Staff Caretaker-Secondary
Celina Kingshott Social Sciences and Humanities
Crystal-Lynne McGarr Other, Science, Sec Special Ed Resource, Teacher 525
Calum Powers Canadian and World Studies
Cole Rooney English
Curtis Symons English 549
Drew Barfoot Canadian and World Studies, Guidance and Career Education
Damon Ealey Principal
Devin Hentsch Alternative Courses (non-credit) 501
Doug Steele Computer Studies, Mathematics 523
Deborah Walks Mathematics, Sec Special Ed Resource, Teacher
Emily Darling Head/Lead, Arts
Emma Norris Guidance and Career Education, Health and Physical Education
Eric Zeidler Canadian and World Studies, Social Sciences and Humanities 541
Gabby Acquah English
Hayley Lane Ed Asst - Special Education
Heidi Van Der Wal Co-op, Cooperative Education 543
Jannah Copeland Head/Lead, Sec Special Ed Resource 517
Jennifer Languay Canadian and World Studies, English
Jay Lee Spec Pgm Asst - Chef
John Mann Science
Jennifer Matthews Alternative Courses (non-credit) 312
Jessica Morris Head/Lead, English, Teacher Guidance
Jennifer Perryman Head/Lead, Science 286
Judy Scace Kitchen Helper
Julie Senese Head/Lead, Teacher Guidance 304
Jeff Wellman Alternative Courses (non-credit), Dev Delayed, Sec Special Ed Resource, Teacher 556
Kelly Blackstock Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities 548
Kristen Henry Head/Lead, Health and Physical Education 534
Karen Irwin Head/Lead, Co-op, Cooperative Education, Business Studies
Lynda Belrose Ed Asst - Special Education 524
Lisa Benham Head Caretaker-Secondary 400
Lori Champ Office Co-ordinator Secondary 202
Lela McKee Vice Principal 316
Laura Ongarato French as a Second Language
Lolita Semos Admin Office Ass't Secondary
Leanna Uccello Arts, Canadian and World Studies
Lisa Watts Admin Ass't Vice Principal 300
Matthew Barlow Head/Lead, Guidance and Career Education, Health and Physical Education, Interdisciplinary Studies 519
Melissa Cunningham Ed Asst - Special Education
Monica Keller Head/Lead, Arts, English 566
Matthew Leggett Mathematics 546
Melissa Matthews Alternative Courses (non-credit), Guidance and Career Education, L/T Occasional Sec AS, Long Term Occasional Sec, Sec Special Ed Resource
Michelle McFadden Other, Science, Sec Special Ed Resource, Teacher
Manvinder Mohandass Admin Office Ass't Secondary 200
Mo Shoraka Mathematics
Megan Yake Mathematics
Niall Caravello Technological Education
Nina Murray Head/Lead, Canadian and World Studies, Social Sciences and Humanities 559
Nancy Orford Guidance and Career Education
Patrick Clendinning Science 564
Peter Jensen Head/Lead, Technological Education 229
Patrick Kings Health and Physical Education, Teacher Guidance 275
Patricia Thompson Shift Supervisor-Secondary
Ryan Bolger Technological Education
Rebecca Chee Alternative Courses (non-credit)
Rachel Lorenz Ed Asst - Special Education
Shaheed Abraham-Doman Mathematics
Sanja Culina Head/Lead, High Skills Major, Teacher 251
Stacey-Ann Dunkley Vice Principal
Shelby Isaac Learning Support Secondary, Mathematics, Sec Special Ed Resource, Teacher 568
Stanley Karabela Health and Physical Education 542
Stevan Latinovic Co-op, Cooperative Education
Savanna Maxwell Head/Lead, Mathematics
Samantha Mikulik Health and Physical Education, Technological Education
Shannon Rankin Canadian and World Studies, Social Sciences and Humanities 538
Shane Trainor Mathematics 562
Sydney Watkins Ed Asst - Special Education
Trevor Cochrane Arts, Technological Education
Tara DeBrouwer Head/Lead, Librarian 511
Timothy Koechl Technological Education 575
Tanja Oomen Arts, English 325
Tracy-Ann Spencer Business Studies
Timothy Ursu Ed Asst - Special Education 554
Valerie Crane-Leigh Staff Caretaker-Secondary