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Grade 10 Literacy Test

CDDHS OSSLT  Information


The OSSLT test will be written on March 27th 2019 province-wide.

For detailed information and help please access the following links:

EQAO Parent’s guide

EQAO  Student’s guide

The link  includes:     

                                 Getting Ready Guide

                                 Planning and Preparation Guide

                                 Questions and Answers for parents

                                 Guide to EQAO Assessments in Secondary School

                                 Have you ever wondered how EQAO tests are created?

                                 About Ontario’s Province-Wide Tests

                                 OSSLT Curriculum Connections

                                 Characteristics of Successful and Unsuccessful Student Performance

                                 Sample Individual Report

                                 How to Request an Appeal of Student’s Results on the OSSLT

CDDHS student success on the OSSLT is important to us! Here are some ways we prepare your child for the test!