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Transportation Technology

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Why Take Transportation?

Virtually every student will own and drive a vehicle at some point.  Transportation technology is designed to give students confidence in minor vehicle purchase, diagnosis and repairs, and continues preparing students for careers in the transportation industry.

Transportation Courses

Grade 9 (TIJ1O1): This course is split with Manufacturing in 9 week segments. Students will learn both the 2 and 4 stroke cycles and will develop the skills to disassemble and reassemble both a 2 stroke and a 4 stroke engine.  In Manufacturing, students gain introductory skills to operate hand / power tools, Drills and saws, as well as 2 Welding processes (MIG/ARC) safely as they create multiple metal projects.

Grade 10 (TTJ2O): This course is split with Manufacturing in 9 week segments. Students will further develop their understanding of engine operation.  They will develop the skills to mount and balance tires, replace disk brakes and perform vehicle maintenance. In Manufacturing, students expand on their knowledge gained in grade 9 as well as an introduction to TIG welding and CNC plasma operations. They also begin to design and build their own projects.​

Grade 11 (TTJ3C/O): This course will develop a more in-depth understanding of vehicle diagnostics and repairs with a focus on vehicle financing and ownership. Topics will include electrical, ignition systems and steering and suspension systems.

Grade 12 (TTJ4C/E): Students will improve their understanding of automotive systems with an emphasis on electrical diagnostics.  Students will develop the skills to begin a career in the transportation industry. Topics will include engine management systems and automotive heating and air conditioning (HVAC).

The Ontario Curriculum, Grades 11 And 12: Technological Educatio

CDDHS Transportation Technology Pathway

Transportation Career Choices

Automotive Service Technician Parts Advisor Service Manager
Truck and Coach Technician Aircraft Mechanic Marine Technician
Lube Technician Small Engines Mechanic Automotive Detailer
Motorcycle Technician HVAC specialist Auto Body Mechanic
Auto Glass Technician Motive Power Machinist Automotive Painter
Lift Truck Technician Transmission Technician And Many More!