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Manufacturing Technology


Why Take Manufacturing?

 Students gain knowledge and experience required to pursue exciting careers in the trades.   Students will explore Welding (MIG, TIG and ARC), Machine operator, are introduced to CNC/Laser engraver operations as well as Blueprint reading and Math skills required for the modern tradesperson.

Manufacturing Courses

TIJ1O1 – This course is split with Automotive in 9 week segments. Students gain introductory skills to operate hand / power tools, Drills and saws, as well 2 Welding processes (MIG/ARC) safely as they create multiple metal projects. In Auto, students will learn both the 2 and 4 stroke cycles and will develop the skills to disassemble and reassemble both a 2 stroke and a 4 stroke engine.

 TTJ2O – This course is split with Automotive in 9 week segments. Students expand on their knowledge gained in grade 9 as well as introduction to TIG welding and CNC plasma operations. They begin to design and build their own projects. In  Auto students will further develop their understanding of engine operation. They will develop the skills to mount and balance tires, replace disk brakes and perform vehicle maintenance.

TMJ3C/E – Students will continue training on Blueprint reading and all welding processes with a focus on the ASME pressure vessel welding test. There will be an introduction to both Lathe and Milling processes as well as Auto CAD and CNC/Laser engraving processes.

TMJ4C/E – Students continue their training on Lathes, Mills and CNC operations. As well as expanding students weld experiences with the introduction to Aluminium welding process, culminating with Students doing the CWB plate weld test (if successful students will be certified in Ontario, as CWB welders).

AWP2O1 –  This course is split with Art in 9 week segments. Students will gain basic training on hand tools, MIG/ARC welding, saws and drills to operate them safely and efficiently while creating metal art projects. This course focuses on three dimensional and applied art. Students will learn how to create sculptures with a variety of mediums which could include cardboard, clay, tile and packing tape. They will be introduced to the creative process and begin to understand the elements and principles of art.

The Ontario Curriculum, Grades 11 And 12: Technological Educatio

CDDHS Manufacturing Technology Pathway

Manufacturing Career Opportunities

Welder Metal Fabricator Millwright CNC programmer
General Machinist Tool and Die Maker Mould Maker Tool Maker
Pressure System Welder Drafts Person Gas Technician Locksmith


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