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Centre Dufferin Co-op Corner


Sam GayleStudent: Sam Gayle
Placement: Early’s Machining

Sam Gayle from Centre Dufferin District High School shares about his experience at Early’s Machining and how they are contributing to our community’s future.
Early’s Machining is a small local machine shop owned and operated by Paul Early, the son of the founder, Ron Early. They are one of the oldest businesses in Shelburne, having been a part of the town for over 40 years. Early’s Machining provides any sort of metal lathe and millwork as well as custom fabrication and sharpening of many different types of industrial blades/cutters. They also do quite a bit of welding and fabricating for clients. Early’s can and will do almost anything to do with metal!
Sam’s goal is to become a Mechanical Engineer, and has found that this placement allows him to gain valuable hands on experience. He has learned how to differentiate between different metals, price out jobs, as well as use a variety of different tools and machines. Sam says that he has learned how to think outside of the box and how to use mathematics to get the job done.
All the blueprints and diagrams used by Early’s are designed and created by a Mechanical Engineer, and Sam is confident that his Early’s Machining experience could lead to a career in this field. A related career could be a Welder or Fabricator. All the metals that they order come from a metal superstore, another job prospect that could evolve from this experience.
As one of the first established businesses in town, Paul pride’s himself on keeping the shop’s relationship with the town as tight as possible, and Paul is often the first place the town will go if it needs any sort of fabrication done. At the moment they are working on a job for the Centre Dufferin Recreation Complex.

Brandon Donnelly Stone And Land ArtisanStudent: Brandon Donnelly
Placement: Stone & Land Artisan

This week Brandon Donnelly from Centre Dufferin District High School shares a little bit about his Co-op experience and how Stone & Land Artisan is contributing to our community’s future.
Stone and Land Artisan is a local general contracting company owned and operated by Tyler Pinkney. They specialize in masonry and landscaping and lately has also been taking on interior and exterior renovation jobs. Tyler and his crew are dedicated to providing quality and class on every work site and strive to exceed customer expectations. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with this amazing group of guys and look forward to seeing them continue to build.
My participation as a General Construction Labourer has been phenomenal and a great learning experience on what the general contracting business all involves. Tyler and his team have helped me improve my knowledge of the trades and have created a great foundation for my start into the workforce. Some of the tasks I have been assigned consist of refacing brick, wood working, landscaping, and job site organization. Hard work and a willingness to learn on the sites have allowed me to further develop great teamwork and problem solving skills.
Every day is a new opportunity for me to complete a variety of tasks. Some of the new jobs we have recently done have consisted of fireplaces, flooring, painting, and bathrooms, which is typical for this time of year. In the warmer months they get more jobs such as outdoor fireplaces, pools, refacing brick, and installing interlock.
My Co-op experience has been very valuable in teaching me the importance of being on time and prepared to work. I would strongly recommend coop to any student who wants to get an early start to their career. Thank you Tyler for this fantastic opportunity, and Mr. Greenfield and Mrs. Van Der Wal for setting me up with this experience.

Madison Wall Library PicStudent: Madison Wall
Placement: Shelburne Public Library

This week Madison Wall from Centre Dufferin District High School shares a little bit about her experience and how the Shelburne Public Library is contributing to her and our community’s future.
As a Library Assistant, some of my jobs include circulation (check in/check out), shelving, shelf reading/weeding, helping with events and programs, assisting patrons in a variety of ways, and more. I have also been taught how to cover books, use the library cataloging system, understand the Dewey Decimal System, and other practical and useful skills.
There are multiple other jobs involved and associated with libraries. Some of these include organizing authors and public speakers whose works are featured on our shelves to present to crowds in the library. Less obvious jobs include technicians, creative project managers, accountants, and publishers. All of these jobs are vital to the upkeep and continuation of a library.
The Shelburne Public Library provides a safe and welcoming place for anyone to learn, relax, research, read, and more, and is completely free of charge. Libraries fall under the Ministry of Culture, Tourism, and Sport, which makes the Shelburne Public Library and most activities/programs linked to it free to enjoy. The programs provided are fun and there are options for all ages– from infants to elderly and everyone in between, there is something for everyone. These programs emphasize accessibility to resources for everyone, which are just some of the ways that the Shelburne Public Library contributes to the community.
The Shelburne Public Library contributes to Shelburne’s education as a place of indiscriminate access to multiple resources, including online, in person, audiobooks, and more. It is a staple of community and togetherness, a place where everyone is free to come and meet, and provides access to education and entertainment.