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Visual and Media Arts


Why Take Visual Arts?

Students will develop skills related to: Critical and creative thinking, Problem solving, Communication and Self expression.
The Conference Board of Canada, which collects data from businesses on skills they are looking for in future employees, stated that they weren’t asking for people with job-ready skills. They wanted employees prepared for the 21st Century knowledge economy in which communication, collaboration and creativity are the most valuable commodities.

Course Descriptions

AVI1O – Grade 9 Visual Arts students are introduced to various media which includes sculpture, painting, printmaking, and drawing (contour, linear perspective, and value).  These studio areas are guided by key questions and design theory concepts meant to engage students through the creative process in a meaningful way.  There is also an art history component that focuses on  Canadian, Prehistoric, and Egyptian art.

AVI2O –  The grade 10 Visual Art course gives students the opportunity to investigate new mediums such as coloured pencils, oil pastels, watercolour paints and pencil crayons, and acrylic paints. They will also explore reductive sculpture, printmaking, and collage.

AVI3M –  Students will continue to develop artistic behaviours as they use the creative process when creating their art. They will further advance their use of acrylic and watercolour paints, graphite, printmaking and pencil crayons. Some units of study include Creative Thinking, Portraiture and Urban Art.

AVI4M – Students will be encouraged to become independent thinkers as they use the creative process to make decisions regarding themes, mediums and subject matter they want to explore throughout the semester. A variety of techniques may be explored, such as installation art, encaustic and advanced painting.

ASM3O/3M –  The grade 11 Media Arts course introduces students to digital photography, Photoshop, Flash animation software, and web design. They will use the creative process to develop ways to bring technology and artistic thinking together.  

AWA3O –  This course includes felting, wood burning, string art, embroidery, pottery and paper making.

​AWP2O –  This course emphasizes learning through practice, by introducing students to new ideas, design theory, technologies, materials, and processes for artistic thinking. Student learning will include technical drawing, design application and the creative process.  They will be introduced to the creative process and begin to understand the elements and principles of art. The course focuses on three-dimensional and applied art. Students will learn how to create sculptures with a variety of mediums (e.g. cardboard, clay, tiles, packing tape). Technology will be incorporated and may include the use of hand tools, digital technology, and/or industrial technology to create art projects. *This course will include an art and a technology component. 

Visual Arts

CDDHS Visual Arts Pathways

Course Code

Course Name

Course Level

AVI1O Visual Arts Open to all
AVI2O Visual Arts Open to all
AWP2O Visual Arts-Sculpture (Art Tech) Open to all
ASM3M Media Arts College/University
ASM3O Media Arts Open to all
AVI3M Visual Arts College/University
AWA3O Visual Arts – Crafts Open to all
AWP3O Visual Art-Sculpture (Art Tech) Open to all
AVI4M Visual Arts College/University
AWT3O Visual Arts- Non-Traditional Open to all







Visual Arts Teachers