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Drama Courses

ADA1O – Grade 9 Drama: Students will work collaboratively and in role with a variety of dramatic techniques and sources in order to create original dramatic presentations. Work is also done in developing physical and vocal skills for confident performance.

ADA2O – Grade 10 Drama: Students will continue to develop their collaborative creativity skills and confidence in performing for an audience. Some units include comedy, creative movement and a dramatic script exploration and role-play.

ADA3M – Grade 11 Drama: Students will create original performances with a focus on real world events and situations. They will also do an in-depth character and play study of their choosing which will culminate in the performance of a monologue.  Work with other modern and historic scripts will be done as well.

ADA4M – Grade 12 Drama: Students will explore and experiment with the work of a variety of theatre practitioners and genres and to understand theatre as a reflection of and reaction to the world in which we live. Students will work both individually and collaboratively to develop their ideas and performances and will deepen their understanding of the role of theatre as a tool in their own lives and society.

Course Code

Course Name

Course Level

ADA1O Drama Open to all
ADA2O Drama Open to all
ADA3M Drama College/University
ADA4M Drama College/University