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Aberfoyle PS participates in school-wide planting project

May 31, 2019

ABERFOYLE, Ontario – Students and staff were dressed for the sunshine on May 31 and eager to participate in a school-wide planting project.

As part of the School Council’s greening initiative, the school is turning a portion of the yard into a learning garden. A landscape architect has worked with school staff, students and the School Council to help them get ready for the planting stage.

Aberfoyle Learning Garden_2

Throughout the day, each class had a chance to visit the site of the garden and help make it a beautiful learning environment by planting the garden’s plants.

The goal of this garden is to provide an interactive outdoor learning space for students and staff. According to School Council member Meghan Davey, grade 7 and 8 students at the school have been hard at work making bug catchers for students to use outside in this space to help them learn.

Funding for the garden and its plants came from a PRO Grant and many fundraisers at the school.

This garden is just one of the spaces that will be created through the greening initiative.

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