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Celebrate CYC Week


For Immediate Release
April 30, 2009

GUELPH, Ontario — May 4 to 10 is Child and Youth Counsellor Week in Ontario!

It’s an opportunity to demonstrate appreciation for the work these counsellors do in our schools every day. CYC’s support, direct, encourage and advocate for students. Our community is fortunate that there are people who choose to take on these tough responsibilities. With little fanfare CYC’s commit to our students. The designation of a week to recognize their work is timely and appropriate as we celebrate their dedication, skill and willingness to care for those who need them.

We invite you to join the Upper Grand District School Board in celebrating and recognizing our CYC’s during CYC Week.

For more information: Maggie McFadzen, Communications Officer, 519.822.4420 ext. 725, [email protected]

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