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Commemorating National Truth and Reconciliation Week at the UGDSB

September 25, 2023

GUELPH, ON — In this year’s preparation for National Truth & Reconciliation Week, educators are reminded that this time is an opportunity for Canadians to learn and act. This is not a week of celebration; rather, it is about commemoration for survivors, their families and the children who did not come home.

Educators and all board staff are invited to learn and take action, by participating in activities and live-streams from the National Centre for Truth & Reconciliation, by reading the 94 Calls to Action, and, most importantly, by making individual and class commitments to fulfilling the Calls to Action. 

The Indigenous Education Team will be hosting two virtual professional development sessions during Truth and Reconciliation Week on September 26 and 27 to explore resources that will support teaching reconciliation in classrooms. Educators have been provided a slide-deck of vetted digital and in-school resources for specific grade levels that include live and recorded events, opportunities for action in classrooms, and ways for educators to further their learning. 

For parents and guardians, the National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation will be offering free, virtual ‘Lunch and Learn’ sessions everyday of Truth and Reconciliation Week. These 50-minute sessions will cover topics such as Indigenous peoples and the history of residential schools, unconscious bias and debunking stereotypes, as well as, intergenerational impacts and ongoing systemic discrimination. Parents and guardians can learn more here.

 The UGDSB is acknowledging National Truth and Reconciliation Day (formerly Orange Shirt Day) on Friday September 29, since the 30th is a Saturday. Staff and students are encouraged to wear orange shirts on the 29th and to share commitments with the Indigenous Education department so they can keep track of progress in our board.                           

If schools choose to fundraise, the Indigenous Education Team kindly requests funds be directed to Woodland Cultural Centre, the former residential school in Brantford.

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