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CWDHS students focus on wellness at ‘My Best Self’ event

October 1, 2018

FERGUS, Ontario – This fall, Grade 10 students at Centre Wellington District High School had the chance to focus on their well-being at a first of its kind event held at the high school.

The “My Best Self” event allowed grade 10 students to spend the afternoon exploring a new activity, being creative, relieving some stress, enjoying time with their peers, and making connections with caring adults in the school and community.   

The event was organized by the school’s Mental Wellness Committee. The committee is a group of teachers, administrators and parents who are committed to supporting the well-being of the CWDHS school community, with a particular focus on mental wellness.

On Sept. 14, 2018, CWDHS held a mental health and well-being event for grade 10 students.

At the beginning of the event, Grade 10 students listened to guest speaker Myrna Hutchison from Get In Touch for Hutch, a local organization that brings awareness to mental health education and supports.  While addressing the group, Myrna presented the school with a “Buddy Bench,” a place for students to sit and support one another with friendship.  Myrna also spoke about the importance of self-care and caring for one another. 

Students then attended two pre-selected workshops in the afternoon.  Students had a range of workshop options, each selection purposeful in that it was an activity that related to the betterment of a person’s well-being. 

Sessions were led by community members, CWDHS alumni and teachers from the school:

In addition to the workshops, students also chose to help with a car wash, with funds raised going to Get In Touch for Hutch. 

The CWDHS Mental Wellness Committee said they were very grateful for the community volunteers that gave their time and expertise so generously, and also thanked Get In Touch for Hutch and the CWDHS Parent Council for their support of this event.

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