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Local water projects get $3,000 grant from State Farm Insurance

November 27, 2014

GUELPH, Ontario – “Use a refillable water bottle!” That’s what the Water Rockers from Erin Public School and Montgomery Village Public School in Orangeville will be telling their schools and communities. The Water Rockers project brings almost 120 students together to raise awareness about global and local water issues.

Four teachers, Cathy Dykstra from Erin and Lynda Brown, Susan Penfold and Marc Mailhot from the Orangeville school received a grant of $3,000 from State Farm Insurance. The teachers were the only Canadians to get the award and are among 126 Americans.

The program started in Cathy Dykstra’s Erin PS classroom last year. It will continue in the 2014-15 year with Montgomery Village joining forces with Erin. Island Lake PS (Orangeville) teacher Jenn Bailey has also agreed to participate and hopes to get the grant from State Farm in June 2015.

“This is a student directed initiative filled with leadership opportunities and purposeful activities in all subject areas,” said Ms. Dykstra.

“By encouraging their schools and their community members to use reusable drinking containers every day, 10 ten and 11 year-olds can make a long-lasting, positive impact on their school and community.”

All the students met at Montgomery Village ES on November 25 and received a “big cheque” from Jeremy O’Donnell of State Farm (see photo). It’s part of the Good Neighbour Achievement Grant that links classroom learning to community problem-solving.

A K-12 Water Rocker curriculum document is in its final stages of development and will be available soon to share with other teachers and schools across Ontario.

As to why the document is being prepared, Ms. Dykstra says “because our local water rocks!”

Water Rockers from Erin PS and Montgomery Village PS assembled to receive their big cheque

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