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Schools at the UGDSB take up Green Legacy initiative

May 12, 2022

GUELPH, ON – Schools across the Upper Grand District School Board plan to leave a legacy of green behind by planting trees for future generations to enjoy. 

Back in early spring, schools in the UGDSB collaborated with the Green Legacy program – implemented by the Wellington County District to plant 150,000 trees to celebrate the County’s 150 year anniversary. 

The initiative has now grown to over two million trees planted in the County of Wellington by community partners, making it the largest municipal tree planting programme in North America.

UGDSB’s Experiential Learning Lead, Tracy Hunter, has said that the UGDSB has over 70 kindergarten to grade three classes participating in the initiative. “Trees will be picked up at the beginning of June to add to the trees to be distributed throughout Wellington County as part of climate change initiatives.”

In the meantime, elementary schools in the UGDSB are preparing by planting and maintaining seedlings in class. 

“At the start of our project back on March 29, we reviewed the things that plants require to grow. Each kindergartner took a turn digging a hole, placing an acorn, spreading soil or mulch, and watering our trees,” said UGDSB teacher, Theresa McMillan. 

In just a month’s time, their acorns began to sprout and McMillan’s kindergarten class began to document their observations through sketch drawings. The students have been learning about the life cycle of a tree through the Green Legacy program.


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