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Students create posters and announcements for school accessibility door buttons

December 18, 2018

GUELPH, Ontario – Students in the Upper Grand are encouraging their school communities to use accessibility door buttons with care.

This fall, students from K-12 were invited to share a message or create a poster about accessibility door buttons as part of a board-wide contest.

Over the last several years, the board has been installing these buttons as part of its multi-year Accessibility Plan.

Students created school announcements and posters that teach people about when to use the buttons and to use them with care to avoid costly repairs.

UGDSB students created announcements and posters around the proper use of accessibility door buttons, December 2018.

The contest was launched by the board’s Accessibility Committee, who felt like it offered a great opportunity to not only spread the message about the accessibility door buttons, but also to empower students to share messages of inclusion.

100 students entered the contest. The winning submissions were:

Board staff will now provide schools with a copy of the winning poster to be hung next to their accessibility door button and announcements to be read at the school. Other winning posters will be distributed to schools throughout the year.

Congratulations to all those who participated!

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