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UGDSB Together: A Moment of Appreciation

May 2, 2022

The Upper Grand District School Board wants to recognize the incredible work members of our school/board community do in making schools/offices an incredible place to learn and work all year round.

The past two years have been challenging for everyone. The UGDSB wants to provide an opportunity for people in our schools and board offices to share a message of thanks and gratitude to people who have worked so hard to support students, staff, and our school communities this year. 

We would like to present UGDSB Together: A Moment of Appreciation for the members of our school/board communities who already do such great work here. This is your opportunity to recognize a UGDSB staff member, student or member of the school community for A Moment of Appreciation. Reflect on the attributes this person may have that embodies what makes the UGDSB such a great place to learn and work. 

The timeline for  UGDSB Together: A Moment of Appreciation submissions will open May 2 to May 27 at 6 PM. The instructions for submitting are listed below: 

  1. Record a video or take a photo of your nominee showcasing what makes them an incredible part of the UGDSB. IMPORTANT: Please make sure you have consent to take the photo or video of this individual and to share it with the board
  2. Upload that video or photo to your Google Drive account
  3. Change the “Share settings” of that photo or video to “anyone with the link can view”
  4. Fill out “UGDSB Together: A Moment of Appreciation Nominee Submission,” making sure to include the link in the last question.
  5. Submit. 

A selection of submissions to UGDSB Together: A Moment of Appreciation will be shared virtually during the third week of June. Check back at for more details. 

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