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Victory PS recycling mascara wands to help save wild animals

March 6, 2019

GUELPH, Ontario – Victory Public School is participating in an environmental initiative that will help save the lives of wild animals.  

From March 18 to May 31, the school is asking families to send in used mascara wands when they are finished with them. The mascara wands will be washed and mailed to the Appalachian Wildlife Refuge, a wildlife rehabilitation non-profit based out of North Carolina.

The wildlife refuge uses the recycled wands to help care for injured wild animals. The old mascara wands help remove fly eggs and larva from the fur of animals. “They work great because the bristles are so close together and gentle to use of the injured and orphaned wild animals receiving care,” said the Appalachian Wildlife Refuge.

The non-profit asks that people recycle used wands, rather than purchasing new ones. So in addition to helping wild animals, the initiative is also a great lesson in upcycling for Victory PS students.

For more information, visit the Wands for Wildlife website

Wands For Wildlife

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