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Westside SS hosts first Arts Day for incoming students 

January 11, 2019

ORANGEVILLE, Ontario – On January 11, Westside Secondary School hosted its first Arts Day for incoming grade 9 students.

Westside_Arts Day_1

The goal of the day was to allow grade 8 students to explore the great opportunities they will have in the arts next year when they start school at Westside SS.

Throughout the day, grade 8 students rotated through three sessions, Art, Drama and Music. At the sessions, students had the opportunity to meet the art teachers and spend some time with current Westside SS students while participating in creative activities that highlighted the arts at the school.

During the Visual Arts session, students became familiar with the space while experimenting with clay and learning printmaking techniques.

During the Drama session, students were introduced to the theatre space, as well as the various program options available to them at the school. Students were matched with a Westside SS student and led through a series of drama activities designed to help them with problem solving, concentration, communication and trust.

Westside_Arts Day_3

As part of the Music session, students were each assigned an instrument and a Westside SS student partner. Students were each taught three notes on their instrument and learned how to play a song together. 

Westside_Arts Day_5

Grade 8 students enjoyed the day and were happy to see a glimpse of what life at Westside SS has to offer.

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