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WHSS students receive several scholarships

July 11, 2023

Mount Forest, ON — Congratulations to Wellington Heights SS students Joey T., for receiving the University of Toronto’s National Book Award, and Elsie P., for receiving a scholarship from the University of Mississippi. 

Joey and Elsie have both been chosen as the recipients of their scholarship for their academic excellence and their commitment to extracurriculars and giving back to their communities. 

Elsie is one of WHSS students who will be heading the farthest from home to attend Ole Miss (University of Mississippi) – where she will be pursuing both her studies and her love of baton twirling. Elsie represented Canada at the Junior Women World Baton Twirling Championships in Turin, Italy in December 2022 and finished 12th.  

Next year, Joey will be attending the oldest post-secondary institution in Ontario at The University of Toronto, studying Social Sciences. The National Book Award Scholarship covers tuition, incidental and residence fees for up to four years of study. 

Additionally, as a parting gift to other WHSS students, Joey raised funds to start his own scholarship for students from his school to apply to: The Wellington North Legacy Scholarship

Throughout this school year, Townsend raised money for this new scholarship through applications to available grants, fundraising efforts, lobbying local businesses, and a Go Fund Me page.

Joey plans for the scholarship to be awarded annually in the amount of $1,000 to a student who is passionate with an aptitude in a particular domain, who has overcome a significant burden to become academically successful, and who wants to pursue post-secondary education with the goal of contributing positively to society.

This photo features Joey T. holding a book on the history of The University of Toronto. This photo features Elsie P. posing in front of an Ole Miss banner.

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