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Alma PS participates in wheelchair basketball program

November 1, 2022

ALM, ON – The students at Alma Public School are playing basketball from a different perspective on the court. 

Alma PS Principal Jason Boyce knew the value of having his students participate in the Patrick Anderson Wheelchair Basketball Program, having already administered it at previous schools that he had worked at.

“I knew the value of helping kids and staff to better understand how things literally look and feel from the perspective of another vantage point that might not be their own,” said Boyce. “No matter where students are on the spectrum of athletic interests, trying out a well-known sport like basketball in a new way also helps to level the playing field as many students have never had an experience like this before.”

Students at Alma PS learned a lot about what students or staff might experience from being in a wheelchair on a daily basis. They learned to try something new, move outside of their comfort zone and see things from a different perspective.  

“They had to shift some of their preconceived thinking about how basketball works and shift to adapt to new physical and mental constraints,” said Boyce. 

Students from all grades enjoyed the program, with one teacher doing an assessment with their class where most of the students shared that wheelchair basketball was their favourite activity they had done so far. 

The resources provided through the program were a number of basketball wheelchairs, and video tutorials from UGDSB alumni Patrick Anderson himself.

You can learn more about the Patrick Anderson Wheelchair Basketball Program here

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