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Board Meeting Highlights for June 2022

For Immediate Release
June 29, 2022

GUELPH, Ontario – The June meeting of the Upper Grand District School Board was held on June 28, 2022. The following provides highlights from the meeting.

Multi-Year Plan Update

UGDSB Trustees approved approve the Multi-Year Plan (MYP) as outlined in Executive Report “Multi-Year Plan 2022-2026.” 

A school board’s multi-year plan establishes the key directions that guide the organization’s actions for the students and communities that it serves. The multi-year plan should articulate priorities that are future oriented, inclusive, and measurable.

The UGDSB Multi-Year Plan, 2022-2026 includes:

  1. A statement of purpose;
  2. A vision statement;
  3. Five strategic priorities: one foundational and four pillars; and
  4. Three strategic enablers

The MYP Development Process involved building awareness, holding multiple Trustee working sessions, extensive engagement and feedback opportunities, and regular reports to the Board.

For next steps, the development of a draft Board Action Plan/Board Improvement and Equity Plan (BIEP), outlining how the MYP 2022-2026 will be operationalized, including progress measures, will be undertaken. An update will be provided at the August 2022 Board Meeting. Visual representations and branding of the MYP will also be initiated through a separate process upon approval of the Multi-Year Plan, 2022-2026.

“After an extensive process working as a Board of Trustees and compiling voice from students, staff, families and our partners in education, I am very pleased with the outcome of the Multi-Year Plan Process,” said UGDSB Chair Linda Busuttil. “The MYP sets the direction and vision for the UGDSB’s work over the next four years. I am looking forward to seeing the operationalization of the MYP by staff and the plans that will carry out the vision of the MYP through concrete action.”

For updates on the Multi-Year Plan Process, visit

Principal and Vice-Principal Transfers and Appointments

The following Principal and Vice-Principal Transfers and Appointments are effective September 1, 2022.

Elementary Principal Transfers:

Elementary Principal Appointments:

Elementary Vice-Principal Transfers:

Elementary Vice-Principal Appointments:

Secondary Principal Appointments:

Secondary Vice-Principal Transfers:

Secondary Vice-Principal Appointments:

Learning Recovery Plan Update

Staff provided an update on the progress of the UGDSB’s Learning Recovery Plan. As a part of the province’s efforts to support learning recovery in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, new funding was being allocated for the 2021-22 school year for tutoring support programs. The goals of the support are to: improve literacy and numeracy skills in students to promote learning recovery and help address achievement and skills development gaps; increase students’ engagement in learning; and increase students’ confidence and positive attitudes to learning.

The UGDSB’s Learning Recovery Plan consists of three phases for both elementary and secondary students.


Phase 1, the Early Reading Support Program, began this school year. Thirty-seven schools across Upper Grand are currently participating in the Early Reading Support Program. Twenty-five Early Reading Teachers are engaged in ongoing training, systematic targeted instruction and data collection for the 756 students, in Grades 1-3, being supported. In addition to the Early Reading Support Teachers that are currently working in 37 schools, all schools have access to up to 10 hours of weekly tutor support.

Additionally, 3 schools across Upper Grand are currently participating in the Intermediate Reading Support Program. Two Intermediate Reading Teachers are engaged in ongoing training, systematic targeted instruction and data collection for the 42 students.


Phase 1 of the Secondary Learning Support Program involved all 11 secondary schools, with 52 sections of Learning Support for 426 students. The target areas for growth are literacy, numeracy, foundational skills, some English as a Second Language work, taught in authentic situations where students may be in jeopardy of not attaining credits. Priority is given to students who would benefit from additional supports to increase student engagement, achievement, and ultimately, credit accumulation.

Both elementary and secondary panels will provide Phase 2 supports in the summer, and Phase 3 supports in the 2022-23 school year. 

To see the full presentation and initial observations from Phase 1, visit the board website.

Mental Health Update

The UGDSB’s Mental Health and Additions Lead Jenny Marino provided an update on supports and work in mental health in the UGDSB this spring and information about the summer. 

Direct student supports focused on this June included wrapping up specialized team placements, consolidation of the year-long Wellness Works initiative, enhanced awareness about student heightened stress levels, engaging in raising awareness about community supports available including the availability of the Grove Hubs for Guelph/Wellington and supports from Dufferin Child and Family Services as well as Family Transition Place in Dufferin.

System level work has included initiating the Mental Health Leadership Committee to begin work on the new Strategy for Student Mental Health and Well-Being 2023-2026,  planning for Wellness Works 2022-23, reviewing the Mental Health Action Plan for the current year, and more.

For the summer, widespread messaging will be provided to schools and families regarding supports and programs available in the summer; the UGDSB will once again offer a Summer Mental Health Support Line; specialized staff working during the summer will support high-needs students; and more.

Policy Updates

Trustees approved the following board policy:

Trustees deferred Policy 205 School Volunteers to the August Board Meeting and directed staff to obtain legal counsel and advice regarding section 2.5 of the policy.

To view all UGDSB policies and procedures, and to provide feedback on draft policies, visit

COVID-19 Update

Staff shared the final COVID-19 Monthly Update of the 2021-23 school year.

The presentation shared updates since the last monthly report, including information on absenteeism and COVID-19 cases. Over the course of the last month absenteeism rates and the prevalence of COVID-19 in UGDSB schools continued to decline rapidly, as they have in the broader community. With the nicer weather, many UGDSB classrooms took advantage of the outdoors and in general absenteeism reduced significantly amongst both staff and students.  

The presentation provided a summary of the supports, changes and responses to the COVID-19 pandemic that were shared in the monthly report over the course of the year. 

The presentation also provided a summary of the COVID-19 measures in place for UGDSB summer programming and preparations for 2022-23, as well as indications from Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health about moving to restore many of their programs that have been paused over the past two years as the health unit focused on pandemic responses.

The presentation also shared highlights of the board’s continued focus on Mental Health and Wellness supports.

Meetings details for the 2022-23 school year will be posted this summer online at


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