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Board of Trustees approve new UGDSB visual identity, logo

For Immediate Release
May 10, 2023

UG_final Refine_present CropGUELPH, Ontario – At the May 9 meeting of the Upper Grand District School Board, trustees approved a new visual identity for the UGDSB.

Following the approval of the UGDSB’s Multi-Year Plan (MYP) 2022-2026, staff began work on developing a new visual identity for the school board. This work stretched from November 2022 to May 2023.

Consultation was a critical aspect of this process and included the establishment of a diverse Working Group, which included student representatives and UGDSB staff with responsibilities for equity, anti-racism, Indigenous education, mental health, special education, student success, communications, and more. 

Consultation also included meetings with the UGDSB Executive Committee, UGDSB Student Senate and a virtual forum with a large group of UGDSB students representing all regions of the board.

Several updates were made to the draft concepts, based on input received through the consultation process. Following the feedback received from the student virtual forum, a leading draft concept was identified.

The final phase of consultation included a Visual Identity Survey, sent to a sample of students, parents/guardians, staff and several of the UGDSB’s stakeholder groups and advisory committees.

Now that the visual identity has been approved, staff will begin a phased approach to implementing the new visual identity. This will include conducting an audit of the previous visual identity, developing a plan to retire the previous identity, and developing a plan and budget to implement the new visual identity. This process will also include the development of a communications policy that will contemplate use of the new visual identity moving forward.

Additionally, staff will work with UGDSB students to gather ideas and input on a slogan/tagline for the UGDSB to accompany the new visual identity.


“Student leaders all strive for the opportunity to be heard and listened to at the table. With the visual identity project, the UGDSB really listened to the students, and included us in so many ways so that, in the end, the new logo can represent everyone,” said Brooke Hartley, Student Trustee and member of the Visual Identity Working Group.

“The new visual identity captures the narrative of a school board I am proud to be a part of: inclusive, positive, forward-thinking, and always student centered. With the board’s identity supporting me in being the best version of myself, who I hope to be as a student seems possible,” said Julia Elmslie, Student Trustee and member of the Visual Identity Working Group.

“I am very pleased that we have approved this new visual identity. It captures the excitement of the work our staff and students do every day while creating a visual connection to our Multi-Year Plan goals of a love of learning, health and well-being, equity, and sustainability,” said UGDSB Chair of the Board Ralf Mesenbrink.

“We are extremely excited to introduce the new visual identity across UGDSB. I would like to thank everyone, especially Upper Grand students, for their valuable input,” said Peter Sovran, Director of Education.

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