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CDDHS students express love for themselves through Hair Love video

February 16, 2021

SHELBURNE, Ontario – Students in the Black Chapter student group at Centre Dufferin District High School recently released a video as part of Black Heritage, Black Brilliance and Black Futures month, the topic of this video – Hair Love.

The Black Chapter at CDDHS was created in response to several students who were interested in starting a Social Equity Group for racialized students. The Black Chapter has since grown into a group of dedicated students who combine their passions, interest in history and equity, and their talents.

Completely student lead, Hair Love features interviews with four to 11 students, depending on the version of the video. Hair Love is just one part of a digital initiative that CDDHS Black Chapter students have created this month.

The message of this video is simple – love yourself!

As a group, the Black Chapter felt it was important to discuss Hair Love because of the challenges hair can present. According to CDDHS student Nylah, “Black women are stigmatized and discriminated against when it comes to our hair. We need to spread awareness and knowledge because for years our natural hair has been made fun of and looked down upon and it’s time for us to fight back against Hair Oppression.”

Nylah continued saying, “Hair is very important in the Black community because it has been embedded in our heritage…. Black women express themselves through their hair and that’s what makes Black women unique.”

According to CDDHS student Gabrielle, the Hair Love video is important to, “Not only educate Black people, but to educate other races of the discrimination that happens every day just because of the texture of our hair.”

This month, the CDDHS Black Chapter is focusing on videos about Hair Love, colourism and cultural appropriation as a means to further educate the community. As a group of students, they want the community to know that Black Lives Matter and to not let this movement become a moment. Black education is something more than just one month every year, it is something that needs to be discussed on an on-going basis. The Black Chapter students want everyone to know that Black Heritage is more than just slavery and by creating these videos, they are educating the community about Black excellence and brilliance.

“Black hair to me symbolizes the struggles and triumphs that we as Black people have been though,” said Gabrielle, “I do believe that hair love [is] a big part of self-love and mental health, because how can you love your entire self without loving the hair on your head.”

For more information about the CDDHS Black Chapter, follow them on Twitter, Instagram and TikTok for exclusive content and engagement opportunities.


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