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Centre Wellington DHS hosts first annual live paint show

May 14, 2024

Fergus, ON — Last week, Centre Wellington District High School (CWDHS) hosted its first annual ‘Battle of the Brushes’ — a live painting competition event.

Students from CWDHS, John F. Ross CVI, College Heights SS and Westside SS were invited to compete in three rounds of live 20 minute painting sessions. A silent auction was then held for the completed paintings, with the proceeds being divided between the winner of the night, Bella F., from CWDHS, and the local CW Food Bank.

CWDHS teachers Jen Main and Bobbi Bentham Reynolds were inspired for the concept by the ‘International Art Battles’ tournaments. They initially had introduced the idea of speed painting to just their senior classes, but from there it had expanded into a weekly club.

“The club members enjoy the mental break in the day, where they can forget everything else and just focus on painting,” said teachers, Main and Reynolds.

The art club provides students with an opportunity to work on problem solving skills, as they make decisions about their composition, media and techniques with the goal of creating a finished painting within a 20-minute timeframe. 

“Battle of the Brushes was the first time I felt like there was an event meant to specifically appreciate visual artists,” said grade twelve CWDHS student, Madison M. “It was impactful and encouraging to see all of the people, both painters and audience members who participated and enjoyed the event.”

Many of the students who participated shared Madison’s sentiments and had other positive feedback. Due to the positive feedback, Main and Reynolds plan to host the event on an annual basis. 


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