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Elora PS student inspired to help those in the community

June 17, 2021

ELORA, Ontario – A young student from Elora Public School is collecting pop tabs to help members of the community.Jake, a student at Elora Public School, sits with his collection of pop tabs. June 2021.

After a visit to a local Legion, Jake learned that the tabs on pop cans can be used to provide funds for wheelchairs.

The Legion explains that the pure aluminum in the pop tabs can be converted into money, which allows them to purchase wheelchairs for those in need in the community.

Jake decided to start saving pop tabs and, with the help of Jake’s father spreading the word online, was able to collect a large amount of pop tabs in a short amount of time.

Jake then found a woman in the Fergus community who is in need of a wheelchair. “Jake decided that he wanted to help her get her wheelchair. He donated his collection to her and continues to collect tabs for her,” said Jake’s mother.

“He plans to collect tabs for the rest of his life to help as many people get wheelchairs as he can.”

Great work Jake!

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