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French Café event at Rickson Ridge PS highlights FSL goals and student engagement

May 21, 2024

Rickson Ridge Public School recently hosted a vibrant French Café event on May 16 and 17, showcasing the tremendous progress and enthusiasm of its Core French students in learning French as a Second Language (FSL).

Older students took on mentoring roles, helping younger students understand the importance of taking risks when using French to order from the café menu. This peer interaction fostered a supportive environment where students from all grades participated in the event’s preparation and took pride in their contributions.

One of the highlights of the café was the students’ eagerness to share their work and knowledge. Several students proudly showcased their placements and shared what they had learned about various French-speaking regions around the world. The event also featured games where students used French to participate in a diverse selection of games.

Overall, the French Café at Rickson Ridge not only celebrated the students’ achievements in French but also highlighted the school’s success in fostering a community of confident and engaged French speakers.


Various games on a table with a table cloth Croissants on a table with a red table cloth

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