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GCVI IB student graduates with perfect score

July 24, 2023

GUELPH, ON – The IB May 2023 session results are in and GCVI’s IB students continue to outperform IB students worldwide. This year, GCVI’s average total IB points (out of 45) was 35.8 compared to the world average of 30.24. 

Twenty percent of GCVI’s IB graduates earned 40 points or more. Of this, four earned 44 points and one earned 45 points, an outstanding accomplishment earned by less than 1% of IB graduates worldwide.

Emmy L is the second GCVI IB student to earn 45 points in the six years that GCVI has been an authorized IB World School. Emmy will be studying Humanities and Sciences at the National University of Singapore, where her tuition and housing will be paid through a scholarship, thanks to her perfect score in the IB Diploma.

Emmy says the highlight of her experience in the IB Diploma at GCVI was the people and the relationships she built with those in the program. The learning experiences she shared with her cohort led to the students becoming close and being a big support for one another. Emmy could always lean on her friends when she felt stressed by the workload.  Her teachers were also a significant support as they helped her to develop her curiosity and an interest in learning.

Emmy’s sister, Cindy, who earned an impressive 44 points, agrees that the people were the best part of her experience in the IB Diploma at GCVI. She adds that watching herself grow academically from average to above average over the two years of the IB DP was especially satisfying. Cindy will be studying Business Administration at the University of Hong Kong. She has won a scholarship that pays for her tuition.

In addition to their academic growth and success, both students feel that their experience in the IB DP has helped them to grow on a personal level. The program requirements encouraged them to take risks and to apply their passions to the real world. Throughout the pandemic, they fostered their love for baking and regularly donated to the “Bake their Day” program at Wyndham House. They also initiated a Table Tennis Club at GCVI.

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