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High school students participate in photography skills contest

April 2, 2024

On Wednesday, March 27, 2024, the Upper Grand District School Board Regional Skills Photography contest took place.

There were seven students competing from Guelph CVI, CWDHS, Erin DHS and Westside SS. 

The students had one school day to take still life, portraits and school life photographs. They also had to get creative and take a couple of photos of an apple. Students were allowed to use a variety of lenses and external lighting. Half of the photos were edited and the other half were submitted without edits.

Evelyn L., from Erin DHS came in first place, followed by Liam G. from Westside SS in second and Kai W. from CWDHS in third.

Professional photographer Chantel Dirksen judged the images of the students. “I was very impressed by the composition and creativity of Evelyn’s photographs,” Chantel stated. “There was a lot of great creativity as well from the other students. They had impressive editing and a good fundamental understanding of light and basic camera settings.”

Evelyn L. will now represent the UGDSB at the Skills Ontario Competition held in Toronto on May 7. Good luck Evelyn!

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