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Information from the province on student rapid antigen testing over the winter break

December 10, 2021

Information Regarding Student Use of Rapid Antigen Tests over the Winter Break  

On behalf of the Government of Ontario, the Upper Grand District School Board is distributing take-home rapid antigen screening kits to every elementary and secondary student.

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Please see the following information that has been provided by the Government of Ontario for distribution.

In an effort to promote a safer return to the classroom after the winter break, the province is pleased to be able to provide take-home rapid antigen screening kits to every child who attends a publicly-funded school in Ontario.

The rapid antigen screening kits are intended for use by any child that attends a publicly-funded school, regardless of their vaccination status. Rapid antigen screening kits are to be distributed to all students who participate in in-person learning. This testing option will not be available to students who have been learning remotely since September 2021.

Please note, your child’s participation in this rapid antigen screening is voluntary. Students are not required to participate in order to return to the classroom after the winter break.

While providing students with rapid antigen screening kits is an important tool for managing the spread of COVID-19, vaccination remains the most effective protection against the virus and its variants. Ensuring that children and youth are vaccinated will provide them with a strong level of protection and help to keep schools open and as safe as possible. 

It also is important to remember that we all need to continue with key public health strategies that have been effective in keeping this pandemic under control, including staying home when sick, getting tested if you have symptoms, washing your hands frequently and wearing a face covering as required.

Please read the important information below prior to using the rapid antigen screening kit.

When to Use the Rapid Antigen Screening Kit (distributed prior to the winter break):

Using the Take-Home Rapid Antigen Screening Kit: 

What to do after your test:

For additional instructions, please click the link below:

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