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Local author Amaya James reads ‘Afro, No!’ to Laurelwoods students

March 27, 2023

AMARANTH — On March 1, Laurelwoods Elementary School students were left inspired after nine-year-old, local author Amaya James visited to read her book Afro, No!

Afro, No! explores the sometimes complicated relationship that young black girls can have with their hair. It speaks to the beauty, uniqueness and joy that comes with the pain and challenge of getting their hair done.

Laurelwoods’ principal, Lori Shilvock invited Amaya to read her story to each class, “I thought that a really important voice and story. She was very inspiring. All the kids were wanting to write a story and get it published.”

Amaya has always liked drawing and creating stories from a very early age and has developed a very vivid imagination. She’s described as “an animated speaker” when she shares her stories. 

At the end of her reading, Shilvock shared that every student walked away with something from the experience, “some students found her relatable, while other students learned something new.” 

Amaya has been invited to read her book to many school across the UGDSB. You can learn more about Amaya here.

This photo features Laurelwoods principal, Lori Shilvock and Amaya James holding Amaya's book 'Afro, No!' while standing outside Laurelwoods Elementary School.


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