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Long Term Accommodation Plan (LTAP) public engagement update

March 9, 2018

The first phase of public engagement for the UGDSB Long Term Accommodation Plan (LTAP) is complete.  Thank you to all who attended a workshop or provided input online. LTAP logo Our UGDSB

The Phase 1 feedback is shared in the report “Long Term Accommodation Plan (LTAP) – Summary of Input from Phase 1 Public Engagement,” which is now posted on the LTAP web page and will be shared with trustees at the Business Operations Committee meeting on March 20, 2018.

One of the questions that we have received at the workshops is what will be included in the Final LTAP Report? The Final LTAP report will not make recommendations to changes to any school programs or boundaries.  It will produce a list of future priorities and a schedule of future processes to be undertaken.

Feedback received from the first phase of engagement will be used to develop the Draft LTAP Report.  The second phase of Public Engagement will be conducted in May, to gather feedback which will inform the Final LTAP Report. 

Stay tuned for these upcoming Public Engagement sessions and other important information by visiting

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