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Long Term Accommodation Plan (LTAP)

The Long-Term Accommodation Plan (LTAP) is a planning document to help guide Capital Investment, Program and Facility decisions that support the Upper Grand District School Board’s Vision and Multi-Year Plan. The LTAP is a resource document used for student accommodation and considers the following factors:

This enables the UGDSB to plan and prioritize next steps to ensure board facilities are meeting the needs of our communities. The LTAP is a living document that is reviewed annually and updated as needed.

LTAP Comprehensive Review

This year, Planning Department staff are preparing a Comprehensive Review of the LTAP which provides a guideline for the next four to eight years. The last Comprehensive LTAP was done in 2018. A draft and then a final LTAP Report are presented at Board Meetings to Trustees, who approve the document.

Staff will present a summary of the LTAP report to stakeholders and provide an opportunity for public engagement with the following timeline.

The public engagement will include information and draft report on the board website, information on school websites with link, public newsletters and social media. Stakeholders such as board advisory committees, community partners and municipalities will also be informed. Input is encouraged from all our school communities. See below for report and information:

We welcome your feedback on this process. To inquire or comment about the LTAP, kindly email [email protected]. Note that while we read every email, we may be unable to provide individual responses. Please be advised any feedback received through this process will become part of public record, redacted for any identifying information. 

Preceding LTAP Reports

LTAP Annual Review Report 2022 was approved by Trustees at the Board meeting on May 24, 2022.

LTAP Final Comprehensive Report 2018 was approved by Trustees at the Board meeting on June 27, 2018.